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Free Financial Review/ Credit Repair

Knowing what will help and what will hurt your finances and credit score is of paramount concern. With over 15 years’ experience with credit reports and finances, Bolinske Law can review your information and make recommendations on how to: improve your credit score, modify your budget, lower your expenses, and take control of your financial future.

Credit scores are used to determine finance rates, rental eligibility, job qualification, insurance rates, and loan qualification, just to name a few. While you may not need a job, loan, insurance now there is a good chance that sometime in the near future your credit score will affect you.

The majority of people don’t budget, instead most live on the cash in cash out method. Cash comes from employment and cash goes out for expenses, most of the time they are equal. While the cash in cash out method works well when things are good any bad thing can cause a domino effect with your finances. We offer financial analysis on all parts of your life so that you can take control over your finances. No one plans to fail, one fails to plan.

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